Material, precision, quality

Production of excavator buckets

We know that the basis for construction is a suitable steel. That is why all buckets produced by us are made from selected materials suitable for the purpose. The steel is provided only by proven and trustworthy suppliers. Buckets produced by our company are built by skilled staff with many years of experience. Precise welded joints made by our welders guarantee many years of failure-free operation of the bucket even in hard conditions. Thanks to suitable technical knowledge, selection of right steel grades and precise fabrication by experienced staff, the result is a high quality product.

Production of steel structures and equipment

Our company is also engaged in production of various kind of steel constructions welded based on specification provided by the Client. Our machinery allows us to offer conventional as well as CNC machining such as: turning, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding of planes and cylinders, hole broaching, slotting, sheet-metal cutting, sheet-metal bending, welding of elements and structures. We also offer comprehensive solutions, from a project to processing to a ready element. Please send all enquiries, including technical drawing or description, to our email address.


Backhoe buckets

Quality of the buckets produced by us is not different than the quality of original buckets of leading manufacturers: JCB, CASE, CAT etc.

Quick couplers

Various types of quick couplers are a convenient and fast way of swapping machine equipment during work.

Ditch cleaning buckets

Ditch cleaning buckets produced by us have additional reinforcements thanks to which the buckets are more stiff and durable.

Buckets made to order

Production of buckets suiting individual needs of our Clients. Any changes in construction are possible